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Writing is like watching a story come alive, from the mind, transferred to the hands, until suddenly you see it from the perspective of the writer. - Mavis

Since I was a little girl, I would read books and wonder how the author could vividly capture a story. It fascinated me that one could write and the reader could imagine the story. I was amazed at how my mind could conjure images from the words before me in a book. I decided, I too wanted to be able to do that - write.



Mavis has been blogging since 2012, 8 years later she has gone through blogging for self, to blogging for the general public, to blogging for a magazine.  Blogging started as a hobby through which Mavis could explore her writing abilities and allow herself the space to grow as a writer. Today, Mavis' blog has become a source of inspiration for many, a place to laugh and a place to learn. 

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Mavis contributes to three publications in Namibia, namely: New Era Newspaper, Monochrome Magazine and the Northern Magazine.

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New Era Newspaper

Mavis Braga-Elias scoops award at Top Pan African Awards 2019

Mavis Braga Elias was recognised as one of the most influential women in business and government, in a category of Welfare and Civil Society Organisations, last week in Sandton, South Africa.

The Namibian Newspaper

Mavis Elias Doing It For Women's Empowerment

For those who have not had the chance to meet Elias personally, she asserts that she is more than what one sees on stage or in a crowded room.

The Namibian Newspaper

Best and Worst 2015 

She's not your regular radio host, having continued to do well not only on radio but as an MC for big events like the NAMAs. 

New Era Newspaper

Popya with Mavis Elias Braga

Born in Oshakati, Mavis Elias Braga is a 20 year-old ambitious young lady and a third year civil engineering student at the Polytechnic of Namibia.

Namibia Broadcasting Coperation

Mavis Elias selected to receive the Queen's Young Leaders Awards for 2018

Mavis Elias from Windhoek has been selected to receive the Queen's Young Leaders Awards for 2018. 

The Economist Newspaper


Twenty four year old Mavis Elias has been chosen as one of the final and very last Queen’s Young Leaders award winners in recognition of the role she is playing in her community to change lives.

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