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My name is Mavis Elias, I am a student at the University of Sussex (US) running for the position of Student Trustee in the upcoming Student Union (SU) 2021 elections.


This serves as my manifesto, designed to give you an overview of who I am, why I am running and what I intend to achieve as a Student Trustee on the USSU. 

When are students eligible to vote? 

  • Voting Opens: 26th April at 9am

  • Voting closes: 30th April at 5pm


Where can I vote:

Visit the Student Union website -


What do I hope to achieve?

Manifesto Focus Areas 

  • Advocating for solving matters that exasperate the ethnic attainment gap.

  • Advocating for attaining student societies funding to further champion race, inequality and justice matters.

  • Advocating for staff cultural sensitivity training. 



Why am I running?

I am running to represent minorities in a student decision-making body.

  • Representation of black students.

  • Representation of international students.

  • Representation of women. 

This is because representation. matters. Representation you can trust. 


Who am I?

Known for her tenacity in driving social change and development, mentorship and branding, Mavis Elias is a multi-faceted youth leader.  


Mavis is a Chevening scholar pursuing a Master’s degree in Globalisation, Business and Development.

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  • Transform 


Ensure that propositions of transforming the Sussex University teaching curriculum are followed through and that that key societies that advocate for Ethnic minorities and LGBTQI+ communities continue to secure funding from the university body to fight race, inequality, and justice matters. 


  • Representation


Ensure that the voice of international, ethnic minorities, and queer students are represented within the decision-making process of the Student Union. Giving voice to policy recommendations that enhance the voices of minority groups within the Sussex student body. 


  • Unify 


Ensure that a fresh perspective and insights are brought to policy matters that prioritize matters such as safety, student voice, and reform of the teaching curriculum. 


Ensure that there is a bridge that facilitates the effective flow of information between student, and decision-making bodies within the University of Sussex. 


  • Strategy 


Bring a strategic insightful approach to the work and fundraising initiatives of the Student Union for the benefit of Sussex students. 


  • Transparency

Ensure that the work done by the Student union is visible, accessible and transparent to the Sussex student body. 

What do I hope to achieve?

  • Fight for funding for the societies that fight for justice issues on the University of Sussex campus, such as Sussex Racial Equity Advocates (REA) and Decolonize Sussex.

  • Advocate for the LGBTQ+ Sussex Society to be reinstated on the Sussex University website and to source funding for the society that plays a pivotal role in ensuring a safe and inclusive campus environment.

  • Advocate for inclusive classrooms that do not drown out the voices of ethnic minority students and advocate for sensitivity training for staff, to ensure that they do not further perpetuate harmful and unconscious biases that further the ethnic minority attainment gap. 

What qualifies me for the position?

Achievement that qualify me to be a Student Trustee at the Sussex University Student Union 

  • Queens Young Leader 2020

  • Student training workshops for opportunities attended by 634 young people

  • 7 years board chairperson experience

  • 4 years founding board director experience

Who am I?

Mavis Elias is a versatile youth leader, known for her tenacity and grit in driving social change and development, mentorship and branding. Originally from Namibia, she is currently a Chevening scholar at the University of Sussex Institute of Development Studies, pursuing a Master’s degree in Globalisation, Business and Development. Mavis is presently running in the Student Union Elections 2021 for the position of Student Trustee.


Mavis is a qualified civil engineer, branding and marketing expert and founder of EM Love Foundation and Ehaveco Events in Namibia. Mavis is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, an award-winning blogger, and a philanthropist. Ranked as a young African trailblazer and leader, she was awarded the Vivid Philanthropist of the year award 2015, the Queens Young Leader Award 2018 by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and the Pan African Award for Women in Business and Governance in the Social Welfare Sector 2019.


With an exceptionally diverse portfolio, Mavis has served as a Director of the One Economy Foundation, a Namibian non-profit organization led by the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia

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Do you have questions you would like me to answer about my manifesto?


Feel free to send me a message!

Please fill in the form on the contact page.

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