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mavis the speaker

Ensure that the life you live behind closed doors reflects the life you portray in public. Strive to be consistent in character

- Mavis

I grew up in a home that values integrity as a fundamental part of one's character. My dad always used to say, "integrity is what you do when no one is watching. It is not about who you let the world see you are, but who you are when no one is watching that truly defines you. 


PUBLIC SPEAKER/master of ceremonies

Mavis is a renounced public speaker who broke out into the public speaking domain in the year 2012 and has over 8 years experience. She has since graced both national and international stages. Mavis has a keen love for speaking and is able to captivate an audience with her eloquence. She has hosted corporate events, spoken at graduation ceremonies and delivered keynote addresses at various functions and employee events. 

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Mavis is a television host who hosts a seasonal show on the national broadcaster NBC called Tutaleni. Mavis brings a fresh flair to the screen with a unique elegance and presence. 

I love to set a standard for myself
Pay attention to how your heart lights u
Some days are so busy you can’t catch a
About to become the face of__..


Mavis started as a radio personality in the year 2012 and worked at Radio Energy, a national broadcasting radio station for 4 years. She then joined the Radiowave team in 2018, where she has been since. Mavis currently hosts a daily evening show, known as the After Hours. 

What many don’t know is that I went into
This is and will always be my first love
Your girl has gone international to 5 Af
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