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Chevening Interview 101

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Click the link below to sign up. Limited seats available.

Speakers Bios


Delivering Session on Studying in the UK

Mubita Simataa is a Social Entrepreneur committed to supporting communities in using technology for social good. In his current work, he facilitates research and innovation management in the public sector where he sits at the intersection of the search, creation and commercialization of viable social innovations. 


Mubita plays an active role in the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper Community where he serves as an Impact Officer for the Lusaka based hub. He is an alumnus of the Young African Leadership Initiative, a fellow of Business without Borders’ ‘African Changemakers’ programme and a current Chevening Scholar at the University of Sussex- where he is also a Postgraduate Student Representative in the Business School. 


In his 6 year career, Mubita has demonstrated the value of purposeful entrepreneurship that values community through his passion for curating sustainability in the use of emerging technologies.


Delivering Session on Networking

Known for her tenacity in driving social change and development, mentorship and branding, Mavis Elias is a multi-faceted youth leader. She is a qualified civil engineer, practicing branding and marketing expert, founder of EM Love Foundation and Ehaveco Events. Mavis is an internationally acclaimed public speaker, award-winning blogger, and philanthropist. She is presently a Chevening scholarship scholar studying at the University of Sussex in England, pursuing a Master’s degree in Globalisation, Business and Development.

Ranked as a young African trailblazer and leader, Mavis was awarded the Vivid Philanthropist of the year award 2015, the Queens Young Leader Award 2018 by Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II and the Pan African Award for Women in Business and Governance in the Social Welfare Sector 2019.

With a diverse portfolio, Mavis has served as a Director of the One Economy Foundation, a Namibian non-profit organization lead by the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia. She too has been at the forefront of transforming multiple brands, starting up SME development programs and creating mentorship programs.


Delivering Session on Career Plan

Jessica Armooh is marketing professional with a wealth of experience in the FMCG industry. Until recently she managed business interests of a world leading Oral Care Organization in three administrative regions in Ghana. In addition to achieving tremendous sales growth for her territory, she meaningfully contributed to her team winning the most prestigious company-wide award, the “You can Make A Difference” Award (YCMAD) in 2020.


Jessica is currently a postgraduate student at the University of Sussex Business and Psychology schools, working towards an MSc in Marketing and Consumer Psychology. She is a recipient of the esteemed Chevening Scholarship as part of the 2020 cohort. She has a background in psychology and was a competitive debater and public speaker as an undergraduate student.


In addition to her professional interests and expertise, Jessica is passionate about women’s issues, public speaking coaching and trying out new delicacies from various cultures-although Jollof continuously reigns supreme.

Delivering Session on Leadership and Influence

Current Msc Strategy scholar at Lancaster University and Chevening award recipient of the  20/21 cohort.  Have a Honours Degree in Industrial Psychology, employed as a Senior HR Officer at Tunacor Fisheries Limited and a founder member of the Walvis Toastmasters Club. Passionate about developing leaders at all levels and enjoy swimming and playing squash. 

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