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To New Beginnings

Since the year 2012 I have been blogging. Young and emotional, I decided to channel all that energy into writing. As much as it was helpful, it lacked a tad bit of creativity. I soon turned the blog into some sort of diary, venting my thoughts and feelings onto a web page. Fortunately for me, those days are long since in the past and I am ready for the new and less emotional me. I cannot promise I will not have sparks of insanity and go off on a rampage that starts to make this blog look similar to the old. However, I do promise to try.

So, why a new blog? Simple, I have since matured from the young-ling I was, and fully blossomed into a remarkable lady with my head square on my shoulders. Jokes, because while I have my head on my shoulder, I wouldn’t quiet phrase it as having my head SQUARE on my shoulder, because I still have times where I am surprised I am 24 years old, as my behavior can leave little to be desired.

24th Birthday Shoot

However, I have grown tremendously and what better way to captivate that growth then through a revamped blog. I considered re-posting my old posts onto this one and then growing from there with it, but I opted against it. I would like this blog to symbolize new beginnings, because that is what this year is. I have however linked my old blog to this one, to allow you, the reader, to revert back to see the insanity I speak of.

New blog, New Me is the motto of the day. The blog simply acts as a mantra for me whenever I go discourse and forget the path I have chosen to walk. I am graduating in April 2017, and this means the school life has thrown me out into the adult world without so much as life support jacket. I have had to get a job, pay medical aid (something I ought to delve into some other time, with regards to how one individual has to learn so much in a short span of time, including the costs of medical aid! The preposterous expectations of a newly graduate are out of this world. I may be exaggerating, but I kid you not when I say that there ought to be a 8 month bridging course into adult life, because without a life jacket and medical aid, you could all but drown). Anyway, as I was saying, before I got lost in the fact that medical aid is expensive, a new chapter.

Consider this the start to a journey that promises to be bumpy as It does fun. Keep your eyes glued to my blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I will writing it.

With a tad of crazy

Love Mavis.


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