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Engineering Mavis

Becoming the real me with no judgement

The universe responds to the energy you give out. Whether it be thoughts that you have internalized and obsessed over, or a simple craving and want. This is what happened to me. I read and obsessed over the monochrome magazine, followed it religiously and thought to myself, “how great would it be to write for the team?”. A thought I one day vocalized to Betty, one of the founders of Monochrome. Her response shocked the socks of my feet (I don’t think this is a real expression, but hear me out), she said, “yes, we would love to have you on the team.” To her that yes, was a yeah sure, work with us. To me that yes was:

Yes: You can go about doing what you love most, writing. You can go about putting your thoughts on paper, painting images for people and telling stories in a manner only words bring to life. You can have a platform that is followed by many young girls and old women alike, who will read, laugh and cry with you through the hard times, the happy times and the challenging times. It creates a “Dear Diary” platform for me, with a following on the other end of the paper that can say, yes - we can relate or life simply is not that serious, have a kit kat.

Yes: Stepping out of your element comes with reward. I decided to voice wanting to write for Monochrome with no hope of the team actually agreeing. I went on a limp and did what I promised myself to do this year, step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Now, we all have the classic, “new year, new me” moments. Matter of fact, the first day of every year makes us feel invincible and larger than life, we can do anything we set our minds to. Making new year’s resolutions is easy, and largely practiced, sticking to them is a whole other ball game. So, here I am, sticking to my resolution, as challenging and difficult as may be, I asked and here I am. The excitement, I can barely contain.

Yes: You can do what you love, which is speak on; 1. Self-Love 2: Self-Discovery 3: Self-enrichment. The three core and fundamentals of my life. Now, I am aware that for many others fundamentals differ, but I do hope that there’s a relational aspect to this.

Today serves as the day my very FIRST post goes up, and what I did not anticipate are the nerves that go into the writing journey. I have been writing since the year 2012, and when you write without the niggling thought in the back of your mind reminding you that someone is going to read this, the writing flows without so much as thought behind what you are saying. However writing for Monochrome on the other hand, is nerve wrecking which is why I know that I am where I am destined to be. “If it does not send your heart racing, nerves pulsing, is it really worth it?”

Sitting on the safe banks, and playing it safe simply is not life enriching. I am literally jumping into the deep end without having tested whether I can swim. I however, am willing to take the chance and swim! If I am to learn while drowning, I will have a story to tell of the time I learnt how to swim while drowning, because fact is, I will swim!

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis


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