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Dear Queen

Dear Queen,

They took your smile from you,

they stripped you of your self-worth,

they dared you to cower under their gaze,

but look how far you've come.

They spoke down on you,

mocked you

and insisted you

were no different from the rest,

yet look how far you've come.

They lied about you,

cheated you if your self-image

and taunted you to believe them,

yet look how far you've come.

You rose above the hate,

you rose above the lies

and rose above

to your Father.

Who placed the crown back

on your head

and called you princess.

Your father is a King,

who reigns above all

and crowns you a princess.

He delivered Ruth

and touched Sarah

and anointed Mary.

He took the woman at the well

and restored her.

He lead Esther

and made her Queen.

Why not you?

Why would he not come through for you?

Come Princess,

put your head up high.

Walk in your purpose and

become the new age Princess.

Write Your story

and make sure God is the foundation.

Dear Queen.


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