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Small Spaces

“Fear breeds mediocrity”

- Mavis Braga

We find ourselves so comfortable, that we forever want to go back to the familiar.

"Always trying to fit ourselves into places we have long since outgrown."

Always trying to go back, even when we know we have long since stopped belonging, but so captivated by a fear that what is familiar is all you know and the thought of moving is enough to scare you back to the familiar.

We find ourselves going back to that relationships we have long since outgrown, too afraid to leave and too afraid to stay, so you stay idle. Unhappy, yet afraid this may be as good as it gets. Uncomfortable, yet afraid of the possibility of loneliness. Afraid, because fear formulates itself in different forms, thoughts of, ”what if”

What if I just need to hold on a little longer

What if I just need to push through the storm

What if I just need to be still and life will find a way to sort this out

We hold onto jobs we are unhappy in, we hold onto friendships that have since gone stale and we try hold onto any thing that is familiar.

Like an old couch, we fit comfortably in and have our body imprinted in, it is comfortable, it is familiar, it is what we know.

It is like sipping on flat coca-cola, the drink has long since passed its time of being fizzy, yet we simply cannot let go. It tastes different, and we know that the taste ought not to be this flat, yet we press on and hold onto flat situations.

"Always trying to breathe life into dead bones."

I do not know who this article is for, but I woke up this morning at 4 a.m with a conviction on my heart to write this.

Darling, while you sit and try fit yourself into situations you have long since outgrown, your life is passing you by.

That desire to do more, push boundaries and go beyond where you stand, is not you being unrealistic. It is God placing a desire on your heart, daring you to trust Him. To trust that He will make a way, to trust that you need not lean on your own understanding, because you serve a merciful God, a powerful God and a forgiving God.

So, maybe it is time, time to let go, let God and step into the unknown. Time to trust your God to have placed a burning desire in your heart to move from the small spaces and feel the full stretch of your life.

I want you to listen to this sermon, it is called Full Throttle by Sarah Jakes Roberts. It speaks on getting into gear and going, because you may have been on cruise control in your life. It is time to let go, and let GOD.

Sermon Link: "Full Throttle" - Sarah Jakes Roberts

I hope this touches you enough to let go of the fear, and step into the unknown, because God has got you.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

#Living #Love


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