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Festive Guide to Self-Love

Good Morning Precious,

The festive season is fast approaching and this is the time of the year where all the craziness happens. Our guards are all the way down, because Christmas is in the air. The mood is jolly, and so are we. We have half way forgotten how tough the year was and are in desperate need of a holiday, the best part is… it is almost holiday o’ clock. Which means our morals and all the work we put into working on ourselves this year, are not at the center of our thinking, because that would spoil the fun. Self-care does not have to be a drag and filled with amazing bath salts, it can simply be in making wise decisions this festive, and not have to find yourself picking up pieces come Jan_You_Worry.

Here is a simply guide to ensuring you stay on your journey and away from the naughty things…

Well, there’s room for naughty things, just with a conscious mind.

  • Have fun – by fun, I mean fun. Do things you always were too skeptical to do because you were always nursing insecurities. Let your hair down, go with your friends on that get away trip and have fun. Go out, dress u and show up.

  • Have a good laugh - -spend half if not all your time finding reason for a good laugh. Gather your family around a bon fire and reminisce on old times. Get a good laugh in every day, and ensure that your eyes water from the joy that radiates from a good laugh.

  • Be good to yourself – this holiday is all about you and treating you. I mean taking naps under a tree, playing board games with family, taking long walk alone and being amazingly beautifully good to yourself. Allowing yourself to glow and melt in the positive energy you will radiate.

  • Stay away from your triggers – take time out to identify what triggers you into falling into a state of anxiety and depression, and then stay away from those things. If every time a boy says hi, you get anxious, cut that off this festive season. Every single trigger should take a break this festive season. We can work through the triggers not year, for now… we want a jolly festive season, so we will stay clear of triggers.

  • Do something daring – your one task this festive season is to do at least one thing that makes the adrenaline hike up and your heart beat a little faster. Cut your hair, go bungee jumping, kiss a boy at midnight (lol if it’s not a trigger, don’t be saying, bu you said… focus) and live on the edge. Being daring is about coming out of your comfort zone and into the unfamiliar to discover yourself.

  • Learn to be okay – take this festive season to get used to being okay. Genuinely allowing yourself to be okay. That it is okay to be happy, blissfully at that. It is okay to get comfortable at the place you are without anxiety something will strip away the comfort. St back, have cup of coffee and just celebrate having made it out of this year with a sound mind.

2017 was a year that came with more blows than many of us can count. We discovered what they mean when they say, “life comes at you fast.” Yet, here we are, almost at the end of the 2017 race and we will be just fine. Better than fine, it has been bumpy, but God knows we are going to make it.

So, get in gear and prepare yourself for a jolly good time.

It is almost Christmas!

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis


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