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5 Easy steps to create your Vision Board

Hey lovely.

Welcome back from the holidays! I hope you had yourself the rest that your gorgeous self deserves. So here is the thing, I have these amazing techniques on how to get my life in order and I realize I am not being entirely fair to you the reader. I keep talking about how to self-love and it is high time I also tackle how to tackle self improvement. I took some time last week to create a vision board and decided to let you in on the fun.

So, what is a vision board?

It is a board on which you map out your year or life. It is a visual representation of the things you desire and wish to accomplish. You create it in whichever creative way you would like. This can be by cutting out pictures in magazines, or printing quotes from the internet, whichever works for you. The importance is in that you are applying vision to your life by forecasting it.

A vision board is personal and has to speak to how you like things. There is no standard format to creating a vision board, because it is personal. It can be used to set out your entire life or year, I opted to vision cast for 2018. This allows me to get things into perspective and align myself with my vision for the year. A vision board is where you reflect to ensure that you do not loose track or forget what you set out to do for the year.

Here are a few things that can get you started (see templates below for self use);

1. Reflect on the year you had - Allow yourself to set out the things you achieved last year and the things you missed in your 2017 journey. This allows you to get thing into perspective and enable you to determine whether you are moving forward or backwards.

2. Set out your 2018 list - Derive from your 2017 list what you would like to do different this year. This is to ensure that there is growth from where you were and propel you forward. Set out 4 specific areas you would like to work on. e.g. Health & Fitness, Business, Relationships, Self-Love, etc.

3. Group your vision - After determining your four areas of work, create four groups under which you lay out how you will achieve the said things. In the event that you intend to work on become healthier, draw out a plan as to how you will do that. It could be that you will prepackage your food every night and ensure that you eat 3 meals and two snacks a day. Then go a bit deeper, lay out what type of meals you will have and what type of snacks. This is to ensure that you plan effectively and work towards your goals with a vision forecast. "If fail to plan, you plan to fail."

4. Create your vision board - Cut out your vision. This is the fun part! Get some scissors, various magazines and CUT! Allow your creative juices to flow, get as much color into this and create your vision board. Vision boards a generally made on A3 paper or bigger.

5. LIVEout your Vision - After creating your vision board, you have to place it somewhere you can see it everyday. It can be your bedroom wall, bed side table or cupboard. Then for the rest of the year make it a point to stick to achieving your vision.

A vision board can be a fun activity, and does not have to be a drag! Have fun with it! Grab a fried and set a "vision board" date.

PS: A vision board will remain a board if you do not apply what you have set out to do. Ensure that in all you do, you strive to stick to what you cast out for the year. It is important to keep yourself accountable.

PSS: This is your year to shine sweetheart! Don't you forget that. Own your POWER!

Happy 2018!!

From one powerhouse to another

Love Mavis


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