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How to create YOUR own BLOG in 5 easy steps

Hey you...

Here's the beauty in entering a new year, it is a time to explore new opportunities and acquire new hobbies. Last year this time I decided to try something new, and create a REAL blog. I have been blogging since 2013, however I used to have emotionally charged writing. It was not until last year that I opted to explore my writing skills, to explore how I could improve my creativity and have fun with it. I have two blogs, the current blog and the old blog. They are a visual example of how I have grown my blogging skills over the years. That however is my story, yours could be different. Creating a blog has different motives for each one of us, for one it could be writing, for another it could be documenting their journey and for another it could be about showcasing their art.

The fact that you are reading this is the first step to starting your

blogging journey.


Step 1 - Determine the why?

You need to determine why you would like to start a blog. This will inspire your blog. Ensuring you have a clear vision of what your motive is to starting a blog will align both your design and content generation.

Step 2 - Find inspiration

When creating a blog, it is always advisable to have a look at existing blogs. Ensure that you find inspiration to have you formulate a vision of what you want your blog to look like. There are various award winning blogs on the internet that can help you get your creative juices flowing. In the event that you want a lifestyle fashion blog, google some and have a look at some existing lifestyle fashion blogs.

Step 3 - Choose a blogging site

The beauty in blogging is that there is so much guidance on the internet. The different blogging sites have guidance tools to make it as easy and straight forward to the new blogger. There are three blogging sites that are most commonly used. Have a look at all three and choose which you believe will work for you. They are all FREE (yaaayyyy!). The only case in which costs are inquired is when you want to purchase a domain (a personalized site name such as

Blog sites to choose from (click to be redirected to site):

  • Blogspot - domain name example -

  • Wixsite - domain name example -

  • Wordpress - domain name example -

To remove the site name from your domain, there is a fee applicable. I do not recommend purchasing a domain until you are comfortable in your blogging journey. In the event that you are brave and want a personalized domain name at the get-go, sign up for the monthly fee initially, and you can later take on the year fee when you are sure about your choice.

Step 4 - Create your blog

Create an account with whichever site you choose and start blogging! This is the fun part, putting the blog together. You can choose templates on your chosen blog site to get you started. Don't be nervous, because all bloggers have had to go through this. No one has it figured out the first time, because a blog is about growth.

"You will grow with it, figure things out as you go and be patient with yourself. You have it in you, so trust the process and allow yourself to create. "

Step 5 - Your blog should have personality

You have created your blog, now make it look all kinds of amazing! There are hacks and tricks one can use to ensure that your blog looks good. Don't be afraid to upload images, videos and gifs. You can create your own graphics. My personal favorite is a design site called CANVA. It is FREE and allows you to play around with templates. CANVA is the easiest design site I have come across, there are plenty more on the internet, explore!

The moment you have your blog up and running, you're already winner. The rest will come with time, your content generation is up to you. Pace yourself, there is no rush. It took me three weeks to create my blog look, because the process is time consuming, but SO MUCH FUN!

NOTE: For content, try some blogging challenges. (example: 30 Day Blogging challenge)

PS: Soon as you are done creating your blog, post your link below. I would love to have a look at your blog.

PSS: Questions are welcome in the comment section below. I will do my best to help.

From one Powerhouse to another

Love Mavis


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