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Identifying your problem areas – Part I

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Addressing the underlying issues

I spent so much time convinced that I had mastered myself. I mean, I have a blog that preaches self-awareness and self-discovery. So, I walked around with an air of confidence surrounding me. My chin was held high like my nose was bleeding, because who knew that under that the air of confidence stood an uncertainty. But, listen. I was going to ooze confidence like I had created it. This continued for the mass amount of my life and only sunk me deeper into a rabbit hole that removed me from people and sunk me deeper into an unteachable state. The error with this is that the more people tried to teach me, the more judged I felt. Almost as through to say, how dare you believe you know me better than I know me.

And, that ladies and gentlemen was the error of my ways. The moment you become unteachable, you become both self-righteous and defensive. It is the natural order of things, because a person who is unteachable in reality believes they know it all and they have mastered life. I cannot begin to explain why this takes from you, because a full cup cannot be poured into.

So, I did the only thing that seemed right at the time. I emptied my cup and made a solemn promise to myself that the one thing I will cling to in life is to become teachable. All the days of my life, I will look onto life with the curious eyes of a 4 year old, ready to soak in lessons, because that is what life should be, a learning journey. I must say, it has paid off a significant lot. It has placed me in rooms where I stopped trying to impress people who have had a 30 year head starts and started learning from them. It placed me in rooms where I had to speak about what I knew, and I readily admitted that I am a student of life, and this made me more relatable, because let’s face it.

"We never truly have it figured out, we are always learning something and that in essence, is what takes off the burden of pretending to have it all together and embracing that you will learn, and you will continue to learn."

So, I guess the question is how did I rewire my thinking to kick me off my high horse and adopt a culture of learning? I am glad you asked. Firstly we need to do some soul searching and find our problem areas, you know why? Because much of the time the things that make us feel like we need to have our … you know… stuff together is the fact that there are problem areas that have shaped us to becoming who we are.

Let me break it down, say you are really driven and ambitious and you want to stop at nothing to attain that ambition. Alright, this is great, but you spend more time picking yourself apart as to why you are not where you should be today as opposed to getting assistance to help you accelerate your growth. You end up making more mistakes than you can begin to count, and when you do eventually reach out to get assistance for your business ideas and career growth, you have been bruised and busted from all the blows life has handed you, that in truth you are just so tired and need to catch a break. So, finally you allow yourself to be taught. No, one would think the problem in this scenario is pride. Well, that yes, but there is usually an underlying issue that needs to be dealt with. This we call, the problem areas. The problem areas are the things that make you who you are, the experiences that shaped you, the hurts and struggles that molded you and the fears that bind you.

Identifying problem areas is not a fun journey, it means you need to do a whole lot of introspection, revisit the areas in your life that hurt you and in some cases the dark closets that we have long since shut. It is not a journey you should take on, lest you be willing to face yourself.

Want to know how you can identify your problem areas? Well, you gotta come back for the next post! Cliff hanger? Well, heck yes. One step at a time baby. Let’s chew on this post for now, and get you thinking. What makes you who you are? Why do you operate the way you do?

I will be back.

From one Powerhouse to another

Love Mavis


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