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Halfhearted, Half-baked

One foot in, One foot out

I have a vision board, I created it in January this year as a vision casting board. Its function was to put what I want on a cardboard, large enough to paste pretty pictures on, but also large enough to encompass and bring to life the things I deemed valuable to attain my goals for the year 2018. I took time to create it, I went to great lengths to ensure that each vision was well thought through and attainable within 365 days. I had three focus areas, my academic life, health and business. Simple right? Wrong.

The first two month of the year were great, I was motivated and I had genuinely started on all three goals I set out for the year. Your girl went ahead and bought cute gym outfits, I went ahead and cleared up the paper work for the companies I own and manage, I even went as far as applying for my academic dreams regularly. I was on top of my game! Honestly, I was. Until March came around, which is my birthday month and really has become an excuse for inexcusable behavior. I have this notion during my birthday month, that all things are allowed. For as long as they don’t harm me, don’t harm the next person and don’t go against my morals, it’s a hit!

You might wonder if after the month of March I ever managed to get back onto the vision board wagon. Well, as you know, gym clothes are only as effective as you are in the gym. That became non-existent, coupled with a few groans and grunts about how expensive the gym membership fee is, followed by an inconsistency in my work out routine at home, until it dwindled down to not working out at all. You can relate huh? Story of my life. It’s 2018 and I have repeated this cycle since 2015, no lies told here! Business, businesses have one key to success, consistency. What I can openly admit is I am great at execution within a set time frame, in other words, anything that has a deadline, count me in. So, business? Well, as I said, deadlines. Meaning all projects with a deadline were executed to precision, but anything else, I am sad to say that I simply did not follow through. Judge me! I am as human as Tom, Dick and Harry, combined! So, basically, business goals were half baked, halfheartedly achieved.

Okay, you may wonder what about academics? Did you at least follow through on that one? Chile, when I say it’s been a half-baked, halfhearted year you think I am playing? Okay, jokes aside, academics I have managed to follow through, partly because it simply requires an application to this or that every third week. Feels like I am cheating, but whatever! I did not fall of that wagon, so as you were! My crown is still in place! With one diamond out of three, but still a diamond.

Okay, so today I decided to allow myself to look at my vision board which I have failed dismally, I allowed myself to revisit my plans for the year, because look, I have 12 months. The marathon isn’t over yet, because I have three more months to go. I am not a fan of giving up, matter of fact I loathe quitting. So here I am, putting on my big girl panties and getting back on the track of accountability. I have slacked, tremendously, but I want to go out with a bang! It is up to me how the rest of my year will go, and I choose to finish strong! Nothing kills dreams faster than the words, I will do it later. With that, as opposed to opting to try again next year, I will pick up right here, right now and get on with it.

Three goals, three months. Can I do it? Will I do it? The answer is, with everything I have. No more half-baked, halfhearted. I am going in, diving head first, catch me on the other side, where success awaits me.

What is success? Success is achieving what YOU set out to do.

Adios amigos!

From one Powerhouse to another (kicking these last three months butt)

With Love


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