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Becoming the Brand Ambassador of Kapia Optics

A someone with a true love for people, there are a handful of things I would not do to ensure that someone can be catered too. I have grown in my love for people in that it long ago stopped being a simple inherent need to love and show the said love and became about acts of service. What do I mean by that? Well, it is simple really, loving people is one thing, acting on the said love and availing yourself to act this love out to the person is another. Acts of service are communicated in action.

When the Kapia Optics team approached me to be their brand ambassador, there were two things I wanted to know, does the company brand reflect who I am and do I believe in the product in order to be able to recommend it? Yes, and yes again.

The story of Kapia Optics dates 30 years back, having been founded a year before the end of the Era of colonization, in 1989. A time where people of color were oppressed, and for a black woman to own an optometrist unheard of. It was simply that, in order to own an optometrist, you must 1. Have financial capital and, 2. Be eligible to register the business. Two tasks that were like looking for a needle in a haystack, difficult.

Yet, a woman with a vision to help her community, with an understanding of how far one had to travel to get quality eye care decided to take the task onto herself to deliver a much-needed service. With a mere N$500 for day to day operations, she opened up shop in 1991. Believing in a vision that was centered in an act of service, caring more about her customers than her own financial well-being, Mrs. Magano Kapia became one of the few female black Namibians to run a successful business, that today has 6 branches all over Namibia.

We rarely highlight true life heroes, but here we have a woman who despite the worlds perception of where a woman belongs (do not get me started on patriarchy) decided in a time where Namibia was only just gaining it’s Independence, that she indeed, will go ahead and become a business owner of one of the most difficult professions, optometry.

So, serving as a brand ambassador for Kapia Optics is nothing short of an honor. To be able to highlight the stories of this amazing Namibian story is a pleasure.

So, allow me to journey with you, through discovering who Kapia Optics is and sharing with you the services they offer. Here is a nugget for you…

Where are the Kapia Branches?

Kapia Optics has six branches now; in Oshakati, Ondangwa, Grootfontein, Walvis Bay, Rundu and Swakopmund.

Wishing you a lovely day and a lovely visit. Get your sunglasses and medical glasses today.

Visit their Facebook Page or Website.

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