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Stuck in Mediocrity

The me I am vs the me I want to be

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself, I will do enough to get me by, not an effort above anything, in as long as it is done. You go about life doing the bare minimum, you tick off the check boxes of what is expected of you, but that is where it ends. You are not aiming for perfection, nor would you do well with failure. No, you simply want to do enough to survive. Enough to get by and enough to go back to your bed after a long day and exhale, because there you go. One day out the way, a life time more to go.

If you are employed, you ensure you get to work on time and leave soon as the clock strikes “home time”. You complete your tasks, check off the boxes and live within the confines of what needs to be done so that you do not get fired. If you are a student, you ensure you go to enough classes so as to meet the minimum class attendance, you study enough to ensure you surpass the pass mark and you ensure that assignments are submitted, without a care about trying to hit the cum laude pass rate. You get on by, tick off the day and go back into wishing you could do different.

You wish you would go to the gym, you wish you would eat better and you simply wish you could attain the person you wish you could be. So, you do the bare minimum yet again. You applaud yourself for eating right the first half of the day. You applaud yourself for making it to the gym once a week, if at all. You basically get so caught up in mediocrity, you are no longer sure how to attain your dreams. Nothing makes sense, and nothing seems to ever be on par. Your life seems normal, but you know that it is not quiet where you want it. You know on the inside of you, there is a person who is begging to be tapped into, a potential that begs for your attention. You are constantly feeling at odds with yourself, because your reality falls short of what you dream off. You feel stagnant, you feel stuck, but you cannot get yourself to do more, because the little you are already doing has you exhausted by the end of the day. The thought of adding more onto your plate simply has you feeling unable.

You thought I am talking about you, well yes and no.

You know what? If this is you, in any way and form. I suggest you take an afternoon to yourself, clear a weekend and face yourself. Spend time introspecting and create a mood board for your life. Get magazines, get a card board or go to the shop and buy a huge white board and plan. Plot and plan. Think and dissect. You do not have to start going to the gym, or doing more than what is expected of you. No, just create a mood board for your life or a vision board. That is it. Take the first step of getting things into perspective. That is it.

One step at a time. One slow step at a time. One foot in front of the other. You don’t have to run, but you have to first walk in order to fly.

With Love



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