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5 Things to consider when you want to quit

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Happy Wednesday Powerhouse,

Things are a bit tricky right now, given the current circumstances in the midst of the pandemic. Things do not look as they usually do, because the future is so uncertain right now. This particularly puts a dim light on future plans, which makes one feel like giving up.

I want to be the voice of reason, the voice that encourages you to go on, even when it feels like there is no telling what tomorrow holds.

Here are 5 reasons why you should continue pursuing your dreams:

1. Your dreams deserve a chance to live

Although, things feel bleak, and your feelings are valid, there is a tiny voice in the back of your mind that cheers you on and urges you to not quit. Just today during my morning workout at home, my sister was cheering me on and she said, "the louder voice in your head tells you to quit, but listen to the faint voice that urges you to not give up."

The voice that is negative may sometimes be louder, it may even come up with all the reasons as to why you should quit, but search for the voice that urges you on. No matter how faint it may be.

Your dreams deserve a chance to live, to be fulfilled. Things may not look as they usually do, and they may not currently function the way we are used to. However, we will come out of the epidemic and you need to be found working, to ensure that you can implement when the world lands on its feet.

2. There's nothing worse than "WHAT IF"

The saying by Lewis Caroll that stipulates, "in the end, we only regret the chances we did not take," is a perfect statement that encapsulates the truth about chances. In life, you are going to have to do the things that scare you. You are going to have to keep on going even when the end is uncertain.

I am not taking away from the reality of fear. I am not suggesting that it will not be difficult or daunting, but what I am saying is that the chances will need to be taken. You will need to continue creating even when no one reads your blog posts, you will need to continue strategizing for your business even when the doors are closed and you will need to continue studying even when there is no telling when school will commence.

You will live, take chances and plan because there is nothing worse than looking back and wishing you had when you had the chance.

3. No one ever became great by quitting

When we look at the life stories of people who became great at their craft, it can be Micheal Jordan, Barack Obama, Beyonce Knowles-Carter, Angela Merkel, Oprah Winfrey or Kimberly Kardashian. Neither one of them were able to live their life and became who we know them to be by quitting, regardless of their background.

If anything, they had to overcome the fear of failure, they had to overcome naysayers, they had to overcome systems, to step into their potential and thrive.

It takes a great deal of discipline to become great, however, it takes the spirit of resilience to ensure you continue pushing for your dreams even when the odds are against you.

4. The unknown destination is better traveled to

There is no knowing what the future holds, but you need to trust the process. When one speaks about trusting the process, it means that you get up even when you do not feel like it. You fill out the application form, even when it seems impossible you will get the offer. You create the proposal, even when you have no idea where you will get the funding from. You show up for yourself, in every way.

You continue trying, you continue shooting your shot and you continue trusting the process - actively. The journey is in the continual doing.

5. You have come too far to give up now

When one embarks on a journey, there is a lot of preparation work that takes place. That work can be in the mental preparation or the physical doing. Either way, there is energy exerted and energy that is valuable.

You may not be where you want to be, there may be a lot more than you have to offer, and that is okay. You have not come this far to give up now.

You deserve to see the finish line. You deserve to find out what lies on the other side of your dreams.

I know this is not the easiest trajectory or economical situation. I know.

However, we will continue to put one-foot in-front of the other.

We continue to try.

What we will NOT do, is give up.

You are a powerhouse,

You power your dreams.

From one powerhouse to another,



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Martin Mulundu
Martin Mulundu
Apr 07, 2020

Thank you powerhouse.


Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
Apr 01, 2020

🙏🏿Spot on, thank you!!!

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