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Are you done running?

Everyone has a story as to why they find themselves fearful. We tend to want to downplay why we feel the way we do. We invalidate our feelings and instead of facing them, feeling them and allowing them to pass through us, we ignore them and they fester.

This week Monday, I went to visit a friend. I was feeling down and anxious, but I could not place my finger on where the feeling originated from. I was frustrated at how I felt. Admittedly, my frustration stemmed from the fact that I had work to do and my feelings were hindering my productivity. She (the friend) then looked at me and said these words ( I am certain I am paraphrasing but bear with me...) -

Feelings are meant to be felt so that they can pass through you. We delay the process of healing by ignoring the feelings and sooner, rather than later, they demand to be felt. - Lynn Komu

I went home that evening, struck by her words. The thought that kept lingering, was - why are we so afraid to feel? Why does the thought of lying in bed, feeling, make us cringe?

Is it the process of having to feel the anguish, sadness or disappointment? Is it the heart-throbbing pain? What is it?

I had an epiphany. Many of us run from our feelings, knowingly or unknowingly. We find ways to soothe the pain, we find distractions and we find ourselves doing everything, but affording our feelings a moment to be felt.

Interesting enough, it is mainly the negative feelings, because we afford laughter, joy and love the time it requires from us. With the understanding that these feelings deserve to be felt. Yet, when the feelings aren't necessarily pleasant we run.

So, today I ask you one simple question - are you done running from yourself?

Allow me to encourage you to take a moment today, it can be right now or it can be later. A moment to allow yourself to sieve through your feelings, to uncover what you may be running from and to allow the feelings to pass through you.

Your feelings are valid. They deserve to be felt. They just do not deserve to rule over your life and put you in a sprint.

If it is any solace - I went home that night and did the thing that many of us run from. I allowed myself to feel. It was not fun, but I feel a lot better now. You deserve that too.

From one Powerhouse to another

Love Mavis

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Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
Mar 04, 2020

Interesting and valuable article.

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