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Blind Spots

We all tend to have blind spots, these are the areas in which we do not have direct view off. Every single one of us has areas in which we are not clearly able to tell who we are, what we can stand to do, our short-coming and most importantly our strengths.

Earlier this week, I had to call my friend up to ask her about a situation that occurred at work to decipher whether I have a blind spot. Sometimes, when we are in the middle of a situation, it is hard to see it from all angles This is because there are many factors that come into play, which can be deterred by your environment, your emotions, your past experiences and your world perspective. Needless to say, there is value in having people around you who can give you honest advise and perhaps give you a better view of the situation.

Our biggest blind spot, I find, is our potential. We tend to do a fantastic job at downplaying who we are, what we can achieve and what we stand to give to the world. It takes great introspection, character development and self-awareness to be able to paint a holistic picture of what you are capable of.

Sometimes, you need to step outside of yourself, to get the perspective of people who have walked the journey before you. It can be mentors, parents or friends who you love and trust.

From my personal experiences, I found that one doesn't always have the whole picture. Maybe, that business has room for growth that you do not see.

Maybe, that education journey needs a reboot and a masters degree should be in site.

Maybe, that job position has run its course and it is time to apply for something new.

Maybe that relationship has run its course and its time to let it go.

Maybe, maybe you just need to take a moment, and ask yourself, do I have a blind spot?

From one Powerhouse to another,



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1 Comment

Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
Mar 18, 2020

Thank you🙏🏿, I hope I find my blind spot(s) through my life experiences that are yet to be fulfilled.

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