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Frustrated... but not alone

Ever look around and all you feel is alone. You cannot explain it, it makes no remote sense because in actual fact YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You can ramble on a list of people who care, people who want what's best for you... but yet, the feeling lingers. It makes no sense, you cannot make it make sense, because simply put. It probably does not reflect your reality.

Yet, here you are feeling... alone.

The thing about loneliness is that it usually comes as many things.




This coupled with an inability to voice what you feel. You can not describe it, you cannot put it into words. Yet, you feel it smack square between your shoulder blades and right at the center of your chest. It is real, it's a feeling, words cannot begin to describe it, yet you feel it.

You do what you are supposed to do when you feel overwhelmed, you get up and you do what is expected of you. You show up, you go to work, you do the assignment, you go to work... and you show up. You greet, you smile... yet, everything in you wants to go home, draw the curtains, and cry.

Cry about what you may ask? Just cry.

Only, you allow yourself to lick your wounds, and tomorrow you feel no better. So what now? How do you kick yourself out of the slump? How do you make it better?

What if you don't?

What if you simply allowed yourself to feel?

As deeply as you need.

As frequently as you need.

Until one day, you can utter the words that are burning deep your within chest.

Until one day, you can describe what you feel.

Until one day, it makes sense.

And suddenly, you start to believe that you are not alone.

You never were.

You were waiting for yourself to trust yourself to come to yourself.

Welcome home.

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1 Comment

Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
Jun 01, 2020

Loneliness should be turned into positive solitude.

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