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How to kick yourself out of a slump

A conversation we tend to want to shove under the rug is that we all find ourselves in a slump and can't help but cast eyes on the journey of another. We go through seasons of transition, seasons of silence, and seasons of teachings. Much of the time, these seasons do not hold progress. We find ourselves worried as to whether we have slowed down in life, worried as to whether there's more we should be doing and hell-bent on trying to keep an eye on our own race.

Yet our eyes wander. We start to look at the next person's journey, we start to measure our progress against that of our friends, and we reprimand ourselves for even letting the thought cross our minds. We find that we do not utter these thoughts to anyone, and continue as though we are not worried.

Here's something you do not hear every day, it's okay.

It is okay to be worried about your growth.

It is okay to wonder if you are pacing yourself right.

It is okay to be concerned about your future.

It is A-OKAY.

The reason why I say it is okay is because we have been made to feel like there is a sense of being ungrateful in your wonder.

Finding yourself in a season of frustration has many side effects, one such side effect is thoughts about progress. These thoughts however, you have the power to steer into a self-building direction.

You gain little by comparing your life to that of the next person, because, as I am sure you have heard many times - no one person's journey will look like another. We all have to travel our own unique life journeys.

What to do when you feel like you are stuck in a SLUMP:

1. Recollect yourself

When you find yourself feeling like you are not making any progress in life, it usually has a lot to do with your perspective. In that, you undersell your achievements to do date and lack a sense of gratitude for what you do have. Guaranteed, your feelings stem from feeling like there is more to achieve and that there's more to life. These feelings are valid, however, perspective allows you to shift your dynamics.

Start listing things you are grateful for and shift your focus from everything you do NOT have, to every you DO have.

2. Vision Cast

Allow yourself to dream. Allow yourself to create the life you do want and to write it down. In a perfect world, what would your life look like? What would you be doing, where would you be living and how would your everyday life look like?

Dream and create.

The biggest challenge we face is dreaming because even when we are supposed to be dreaming, we allow logic to steal something as simple and FREE as dreaming. After you have shed all the reasons as to why it is NOT possible, think of every reason that makes it possible.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'! - Audrey Hepburn

3. Execute

After you dream it, you achieve it. The beautiful thing about the human mind is as soon as it sees an obstacle, it has a wonderful way of finding ways to make it possible. Start the process.

You want to move to Cape Town? Apply for the job. Appy for the scholarship.

You want to get a masters degree? Appy to the university. Speak to a lecturer.

You want to start a business? Register the business. Draft the business proposal.

You want to buy a house? Speak to a financial advisor. Start saving.

Sounds simple? Wrong.

Because while you read every way that is possible to start working towards what you want. Your brain threw solutions at you that you deemed crazy and over-ambitious.

The sooner you can step out of your own way, the sooner you can start working towards your dreams.

Sometimes, you are the only thing standing between you and your dreams.

Get out of your own WAY!

Happy execution Powerhouse.

The world is your oyster.

Hone your craft.

Do your best.

Create your reality.

Become your own wildest dreams.

You ARE able. I believe in you.

From one Powerhouse to another



Find me on Twitter - @mavisbraga

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1 Comment

Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
Apr 29, 2020

Comparison to others will definitely slow you down. You're racing to your destination but focusing on other runners will distract you.

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