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Overcoming the Burden of Ambition

Happy Tuesday Powerhouse,

There always seems to be another book you should read, to be informed about how to maximize your time, learn how to invest, grow your leadership skills, or enhance your emotional intelligence. Every time you log onto social media, it seems there is a lot more that needs doing, if it is not incorporating exercise into your daily routine, it is learning what type of nutrition is best for your body. Each time you speak to someone who has walked the journey of success, there's yet more to be done, get a mentor, update your LinkedIn profile, work your resume, develop your interpersonal relationships with possible business partners, business influencers or develop your business idea.

Even with all the above, you still have to maintain romantic relationships, friendships, and family relationships.

There seems to be an overwhelming need to get it all done, right now!

Yet, even with an endless list of all you need to get done, there seems to be a niggling feeling you cannot get off your shoulder, or move away from that is your drive to succeed. You feel restless in your day to day life, feeling like there is more and unable to determine how to move to the said more.

3 Ways to overcome the burden of success

1. Take control of your ambition

A common mistake made by upcoming professionals is that ambition starts to engulf them until it renders them helpless. There is a burning desire to be more and become successful, so much so that fear starts to cripple them, and before long, as opposed to actively working to your dreams, you standstill.

Understanding that you own your ambition and are in charge of it, is the first step to overcoming the rush and fear. It puts one in a position of control and allows you to manage the fear.

In order to be effective and progressive, there is a need to be level headed, in control, and able to think with a clear head. This is achieved by parking "feeling rushed" and allowing the process to take its course.

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2. Do not despise small beginnings

When you are set on a vision and driven to attain your greatest desires, there comes with it an impatience to get to where you want to go. That becomes coupled with resentment for your current reality. The danger in despising small beginnings is you stand to lose sight of the value in the journey. You stand to bypass lessons that are intended to be learnt in your current environment and surrounding, because as opposed to giving your best to your current job, business idea or lack thereof, you are constantly focused on where you should be.

There is value in every season of your life, and you will only ever have this time to learn. Use every opportunity to maximize your potential and use it as training ground for where you want to go.

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3. Use your planning power

When you are an ambitious individual, the restlessness you feel in your current circumstances should be used to fuel your dreams. That energy should be spent planning for your next move. It does little to despise your current circumstance without planning for a way into your next season. That is to say, that while you are where you are, there is an intention to pursue what is next. There is an active effort to plan for the next phase. Planning is crucial, because it allows you to be able to formulate a plan for the next phase, to actively work towards it and give you the ability and power to change your circumstances.

You are always in control, you reserve the right to make the most of your circumstances. In order to allow the burden of ambition to work to your advantage, you must get ahead of the resentment that can brew within you.

Spend your energy productively, and not wishing things were different.

In a world that is overflowing with information and constantly making us feel inadequate, you should analyze your environment to ensure it is conducive. You gain little by looking onto the lives of others, hoping and wishing things were different for you. You gain a lot more by focusing on your own life, zeroing in on your dreams and actively working towards them. You can gain inspiration from looking onto others lives, but the work still remains yours to do.

Ambition is only a burned when not managed right.

Wishing you a productive week.

From one powerhouse to another



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Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
May 26, 2020

Steadily taking control of my ambitions daily/weekly , celebrating my small wins that others don't see and avoiding comparison to others success/accomplishments👌🏿


Alice Ahadi Magaka
Alice Ahadi Magaka
May 26, 2020

Thank you for this blog Mavis. I’m personally touched with the point of ‘do not despise the small beginnings’. The sad reality is that everyone posts on their success but not the process in the social media. We should learn to start small and mostly, celebrate each step of our progress.


Apollos Ndemuweda
Apollos Ndemuweda
May 26, 2020

Great piece Mavis! Personally, I've realized that ambitious people (such as I) can be sensitive to criticism and failure. You can put blood sweat and tears into your work and as a result, develop an attachment with what you do; while not necessarily doing a bad thing, it can make it difficult to look at what you have done from an objective viewpoint. READ "Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions" by Neel Burton, GOOD READ!

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