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Your own leadership experience.


Rate yourself 1–10, with 1 being “I’ve never displayed this type of leadership”, to 10 being “I’m awesome at it, and others would say that I’m the role model for them”. This is about selfawareness, so be honest. And if you find yourself saying, “Well, sometimes I’m a 3, and other times I’m a 7,” put down both numbers with a note next to each explaining the difference circumstances. In column 2 jot some notes about why you gave yourself the score that you did.

Module 2 - Assignment



STEP 1 -6


1. Your goal in a single sentence


Create departments in the foundation and establish leaders for each department starting in May 2018.

2. Leadership style


Democratic Leadership Style  


What Makes a Democratic Leader?

The democratic style builds on a triad of emotional intelligence abilities: teamwork and collaboration, conflict management, and influence. The best communicators are superb listeners- and listening is the key strength of the democratic leader. Such leaders create the sense that they truly want to hear employees’ thoughts and concerns and that they’re available to listen. They’re also true collaborators, working as team members rather than top-down leaders. And they know how to quell conflict and create a sense of harmony- for instance, repairing rifts within the group.

3. The benefit

Over time the foundation can have order and have all the departments established for a more efficient team. It helps the foundation grow in it's capacity and takes much of the responsibility off my shoulders to allow me to focus on the vision and growth of the foundation. It too  teaches me to be an effective leader and help me take my hands off things. It also ensures that there is constant growth in the foundation and ensures that the leaders feel a sense of responsibility and ownership which in turn helps the commitment of the members towards the vision of the foundation. 

4. My motivation

I will no longer have so many areas to focus on at any given time because the work is disseminated and I no longer have to so spread myself thin  to ensure the growth of the organization. It also ensures that we are moving into more efficiently run organization. 

5. My first step

Establish the teams and assign leaders. Avail the leaders sufficient data and information to get them started. Give the vision of the department and how it should be run overall and allow them to then decide on the hands on responsibilities. Assign sub-members  for each committee who will be lead by the department leader. The leader of the department will then be required to give me feedback monthly. 

6. Measure

Monthly team meetings will be held for feedback to check in with the departments. Additionally, we will give each other input to ensure efficiently run departments. 




An effective Board


An effective team

Defined Goals

Leadership Style




The Benefit

Having an effective board will mean the governance framework is established and created. This will mean that the aim and objectives of the board are specified and highlighted to ensure maximizing the use of the board.  

To have an effectively run organization with distinct roles and objectives for members. Leading the  leaders of the established departments will in turn ensure all members have assigned roles and responsibilities.

The organization has a vision set out but no defined objectives set out to attain the vision. To ensure that the objectives are clearly outlined and rally the foundation to attain it's objectives with clearly defined goals and activities. This will ensure that the foundation is illigible for funding 

My motivation

To have clearly defined board charters and clearly defined responsibilities for board members ensures a healthy rotational board which leads effectively and is liable to Namibian laws. I can then be rest assured the foundation is being run in a fair and just manner with transparency. 

I can focus my energy on being a leader and not so much on implementation. There will be a fair distribution of work load so that everyone is equally involved and I no longer have to rally a team to commit as they have defined responsibilities. 

The foundation grows from being fully dependent on me and my vision casting, and the vision becomes tangible and do-able.  Ensuring the foundation has a long term plan and is sustainable will give em great pleasure as the work put in will live on. 

My First Step

Creating an administration team run by a leader who has insight in board governance. Assigning responsibility and giving them the data hey need to get started. Ensuring that the standing board signs an agreement as soon as possible. 

Creating distinct departments with leaders and creating teams for the departments. Creating a whatsapp group to communicate with the leaders and organizing a meeting to kick start the teams. 

Creating a standing document with the objectives and goals of the foundation. The document is to be created at a brain storming session with both the board and department leaders.  


I will have board meetings 4 times a year in each quarter. I will have to have the paper work sorted in the next 2 months before end of July 2018.

Meeting with the team will be held monthly to set goals and measure outcomes for consistency and growth. 

An emergency meeting will be held int he next two weeks. And then the administration team lead by the board will ensure we stick to our goals. The document will be rechecked yearly. 

to be continued in the next Module..

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