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Module 1 - Taking Stock

This constitutes Module 1 of the assignments to be completed for the QYL Mentorship Program. Thus far I have completed the Starting Assignment and Module 0.  In which I was able to establish an overall look at what I want to accomplish with the EM Love Foundation. 


Mission Statement

Creating a mission statement

activity 1

1. Write down your idea in terms of “why”. Why is it important?
Take time to simplify the message as much as possible.


It is important to play a role in poverty eradication, because while I may be privileged there are others who do not have the same privilege. There is something grossly wrong with living comfortable without feeling the need to reach out and change the life of another. It is like climbing a ladder and breaking the glass ceiling, it then becomes my duty to reach back down and help as many people as possible. This is why it is important, because my privilege is as a result of someone reaching back to help my father not fall through the poverty gap, I owe it to the next person.  

2. Now add how you achieve your “why”.


To be able to achieve poverty eradication, I need to launch into practical methods of poverty eradication. Due to the fact that the EM Love foundation is still young, at present we do so by initiative based events. However the long term goal is to have long lasting impact and standing initiatives that are not event based. 

3. Lastly, write what it is that you do.

The Em Love Foundation plays a strategic role in poverty eradication, as a means to put an end to poverty in Namibia.

The purpose of EM Love is to reach out to lend a helping hand and try make a Namibia. This is by assisting charity organizations both known and un-known by the community, and create an awareness around these said organizations. They key aspect is to start somewhere in order to eradicate poverty in Namibia.

The function of Love is Charity is to form a bridge and create a platform for those that want to lend a helping hand to do just that. Companies, organizations, schools and individuals are urged to come forward and donate. Additionally, there are various initiatives that fall under the foundation.

Vision statement

Creating a lasting difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Mission Statement

Rallying towards the eradication of poverty in Namibia.

Your Circle of INFLUENCE

Circle of Influence

Who are the people who made you who you are?


Rosette Fabianus - My Mother

She has rllied behind me in all the walks of my life. She ha been the greatest support system. She embodies strength that I have never seen in anyone before. It is she who has taught me resilience and handwork. 

Marthinuz Fabianus - My step father

A man who I watched closely and ensured that I never believe anything other than the greatness within me. He pushed the boundaries of my mind and ensured I dream. He was there every step of the way to encourage. 

Lovis Aron - Grandmother

She was the love of my life. She was my prayer warrior an her prayers continue to carry me all the days of my life. 

Theopo Kapani and Mweneni Nashilongo - Best Friends

They care for me and love me in ways I have never seen from friends. A love o pure it has cultivated many of my characters trits today. They brought the best out of me, encouraged my growth and have been a beautiful support system. 

Monica Geingos - Mentor

She believed in me long before I believed in myself. She saw the potential I posses an tapped into it.

Suraia Da Almeida - Cousin/Spiritual Mother

She has prayed for me more than I prayed for myself. She planted my spiritual journey. 

Daisry Matias - Voice of encouragement

She has continued to believe in me and plant seeds that I believe will blossom into tree as I progress.

Nyeuvo Amukushu - Mentee

She has become more than a mentee, she has become a friend, who pushes me to attain greater.

Hans Amukugo, Kiki Ghebo, Mutaleni Ya Toivo, Ndishishii Hamufungu, Lynn Komu, Tuliikeni Ndadhi and Atallia Von Francois. 

To Do activity 2:

1. Draw a circle with you in the centre.
2. Get your cultural geography map from your starting
assignment and add the people on your list.

  • Leadership

  • Political

  • Personal

  • Community

  • Corporate 

  • People Opinion

3. Add in any connections they have that are important to you
(for example, your best friend may know a local politician).


Ethos Pathos Logos



Rosette Fabianus - My Mother

She has rllied behind me in all the walks of my life. She ha been the greatest support system. She embodies strength that I have never see


initial about me from the starting assignment

Mavis is a young philanthropist who is committed to helping underprivileged people in her community. She is the founder of the EM Love Foundation, whose work ranges from providing donated food and clothing to low-income families, to hosting fundraisers to children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Mavis now leads a team of seven directors, and has more than 40 volunteers working with her. She and her team have hosted a charity pop-up shop in collaboration with Street Store, a pop-up store that can be created in any community to enable the homeless to shop for free. In recognition of her community work, the First Lady of the Republic of Namibia invited Mavis to serve on her One Economy Foundation, which works to promote  exclusivity between different communities, via programmes focused on education, violence and health.

about me using ethos pathos logos

I am a philanthropist with a great love for people. The quality that drives me is love, for people and for making difference. Since I was young, I have always been driven and set on striving for excellence, pushing boundaries and creating opportunities. I am about being a game changer and world-shaker, because I believe - "Those who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are usually the ones who do." - Steve Jobs

In believing I can create change,I founded a charity organization called the Em Love Foundation initially known as Love is Charity. The foundation is my labor of love as it is through which I live out my passion, which is playing an active role in poverty eradication. Small efforts inevitably lead to big steps. I am a dreamer who believes in a better tomorrow where we do not have talented individuals falling through the poverty gap. To date the foundation has held 6 street tore across the country in 4 different towns in Namibia, it has over 150 volunteers across the country and has been able to establish credibility and respectability among our stakeholders. 

Sources of credibility (articles);






to be continued..

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