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20-Plenty just became the year of REST

When we find ourselves smack in the middle of a pandemic, it becomes increasingly difficult to stick to the plans that one set out. When the year 2020 rolled around, there was much hope, because a new decade would present new opportunities and it really was to be a new chapter altogether. The motto was “20-plenty” and now, we are just trying to adjust to living through a pandemic and our new normal.

The truth is that living through a pandemic weighs heavy, because in addition to handling our everyday responsibilities, there is an additional pressure that comes from living through a time where people are dying at the hands of a virus, and the entire globe is on its knees economically. So, we quickly feel justified in slacking on our goals, and admittedly this is not intended to call anyone out, but rather just put things into perspective and be the voice of assurance you may need at this time.

When you feel overwhelmed and under immense pressure, so much so that there is a part of you that is begging you for rest. Take it, and I mean that literally. We have become so accustomed to living in a capitalist world that we soldier on even in the midst of needing rest. We take pride in pushing forward because TEAM NO REST is fashionable. Working hard somehow became synonymous with working oneself to the bone, and the moment rest is needed, it is somehow viewed as a weakness. However, what good is one to the world when you are operating from an empty cup?

If you are able to take two days off, look to place them on a Friday and Monday so that you can have a long weekend. Utilize the time off to really rest, not binge on series, and stare at your phone screen, but really unplug.

However, in the event that you are unable to take time off from work, or take a trip away.

3 ways to get rest in the midst of a busy schedule

1. Take a Spa Day

Rest does not come easy to many people, and the idea of spending time engulfed in the luxury of rest somehow feels wrong and unrelatable.  One would even go as far as suggesting that a spa day is an expense and a cost that may be better used on something else. When it comes to self-care, we are very quick to dismiss it, and come up with a reason as to why it is time and money wasted, which quickly highlights just how much we need the time of rest. A spa day should act as an opportunity to unplug.

If a spa day is an expense you cannot incur, look at a self-care day. Time spent taking care of you, strictly practicing self-care with masks, hair washing, tea date, and doing what relaxes you.

2. Meditate

Meditation is a very underrated method of self-care. There are various ways to practice meditation, and the choice remains yours. You can practice yoga, humming, or take time to clear your mind. Our minds are constantly going a hundred miles per hour and making the mind stand still can prove difficult.

However, taking as little as 20 minutes a day to clear your mind could significantly decrease day to day pressure. It will have you feeling relaxed and able to take life on again. When clearing your mind, it is important to ensure that when a thought arises, you dismiss it. It is not a time to start working through your to-do list, but a time to just be by yourself and in your mind, still. I swear by this.

3. Get outdoors

Although exercise is not everyone’s forte, it is the most relaxing thing to do. It is not in the intensity of the workout, but in allowing yourself to get outdoors, and to reconnect with nature. I particularly recommend hiking or going for a walk. Both are not intensive but effective in having your release endorphins, which is a feel-good hormone.

If exercising is definitely not on your list of things you’d like to do, then perhaps take time out to sit at an outdoor café, or in your own backyard.

The most important thing to note when applying the three suggestions of relaxation is that they should be done without devices and alone. This is to ensure that you are able to reconnect and recenter yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed in the midst of a pandemic is normal, how to react to the fatigue you feel is where your power lies. I hope you will allow yourself the rest and decentering you need.

With Love


Find me on Twitter - @mavisbraga

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Charlie Dumeni
Charlie Dumeni
2020년 7월 30일

When I attended therapy, she recommenced 6 deep breaths whenever I am in a negative state of mind.

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