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My Soul

Who whispers courage into your soul when doubt whispers discouragement

Who breathes life into your dreams when you stand idle in fear

Who wipes away the tears when they seem they will drown you

Who clears the path for you when your vision is blurry

Are you intended to do this alone?

This walk through the tunnel to greatness?

Are you intended to remain strong, when strength threatens to break your back?

Are you intended to always hold it together One step, two steps

until you end up in a dead run

Running from all that threatens you Running from all that frightens you Running from all that engulfs you

They say you can't teach a drowning man how to swim But they never talk about who will save the drowning man

Sometimes all it takes is someone to see past the charade of strength and notice and realize

that beneath the layers lies a soul that yearns to be taken care off.

My soul.

- Mavis Elias


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