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Let's start over?

I have this insane want to change lives. I mean genuinely impact lives, and not in a shallow kind of way but in a real way. Where my voice should echo through generations, having made lasting impact in the lives of those who I had the privilege to touch. This desire goes beyond me, it does not stem from a place of gratification, but from a place of having a rel love for people. This has become both a strength and a weakness in that the desire runs so deep, it leaves little room to figure things out.

I started blogging because I wanted to create a platform where I can put my thoughts on paper and allow women who are searching through their lives, trying to figure things out. Creating a platform of brutal honesty, laying out struggles and victories. Where it was not about having it figured out, but rather about being on a mission to TRY.

Somewhere along the road I lost the plot. I was so consumed with getting numbers to my blog, I forgot that it is not about how many people I tough, but that even if it is jut one, there be a lasting impact. The difference is that one is equally as significant. I then started to write in the most general means possible to ensure that everyone can relate and the truth is, that is generally not possible. No one person's journey will look like the next, so to expect a vast majority to relate is me reaching.

It was and remains about being true about my journey and hoping that it touches someone Whether that someone one or ten, as long as it is someone.

So allow me to apologize to you, for having been so caught up in self I forgot why I do this. I forgo that it was about creating a platform of honesty, brutally so. Realizing this is the first step and I cannot promise I may not loose focus again, but at least I am aware.

There's only one hope I have in the virtual relationship I build with you, and it is that you will be able to read my pieces and feel connected, because you are not alone. You will never be alone, in as long as you are able to see God through me. Sometimes, the God in you is all people get to see, I hope I can be that for you.

Let's start over. Hi, I am Mavis. You are?

From one Powerhouse to another

Love Mavis


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