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Sometimes, I need a day OFF!

Ever just wake up on a day and feel like today would have been a great day to be able to draw the curtains, switch your phone off and get in some much needed rest. A day to be able to switch off the mayhem in your mind and the never ending thoughts that keep on fighting for priority in your mind, the endless tasks that you have pending and the shopping that needs to get done. Looking at your “To Do List’ you truly cannot afford a moments rest, you truly cannot afford a day off, you truly have no room to even be day dreaming of being able to go straight back to bed and forget everything that needs to get done. You do not have that kind of luxury because bills need to get paid, work needs to get done and life goes on, whether you need a break or not.

See, that is just it. It does not mean that you want to slack on your duties or give up on your dreams and ambitions, it just means that you just need a day OFF. No, not a Saturday that has to be filled with getting your hair done, shopping done and catching up on house duties. Not a day taken off on a Sunday after coming from church, cooking lunch and getting ready for Monday. No, a day spent doing completely nothing, because even when you do take that Saturday off and dedicate yourself to doing nothing, the guilt eats at you. Constantly reminding you, uhmm.

“Excuse me, I know you are trying to get some rest and I know you want to take this day off... but you seem to be forgetting that you have work to do, proposals to write, emails to send, messages to respond to, and… and... and…”

“If you want to know how the mind of a creative person feels like, imagine having 2,579 tabs open at the same time, ALL the time”

said by someone who truly understood the struggle

Anyway, so here I am, in dire need of a day off and finding a million excuses as to why I cannot take a day off. I think, what is even worse is that even if I was to decide... to hell with it… I will probably end up starting with the idea of taking the day off and being unable to switch my mind off, and I’d get up and start working.

The other day, I got off from work and I told my friend, I am not going to work out after work, I am going to sleep and I was going to be so rebellious, I also was not going to cook dinner. At 23H00 I had gone jogging, made dinner and worked through a board pack. Way to go Mavis, you officially graduate as a workaholic.

I suck at resting. I suck at putting my mind off… but I promise you, this coming Saturday I am going to go for a massage and I am going to drink wine (yes! I am going to DRINK WINE), relax, switch off and rest!

Will it kill me? Well, if I do not post a blog next week, send an ambulance. I may not have made it!

Have a great weekend my love bunnies.

See you next time.

From a tired Queen,

From One Fearless Queen to another,

Love Mavis


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