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Guest Writer - Let's get Real

Mavis Write: We are officially onto our third guest writer and it was just last week that I decided to feature guest writers onto the blog! It is amazing how many creatives we have in the blogging industry and I am so excited to uncover them with you! We have Wellem as the third guest writer and he is the man you see on billboards in Grove Mall, because yo man is the face of Grove Mall. Too cool, right? He too is a model, although I met him in University, because he is about that diverse personality life! I am not complaining in the least! So, let's get to know him a little better, shall we?


1. What is the one thing you wish people knew about you?

Many people think of me as this narcissistic person, which is completely not true.

2. What motto do you live by?

Never failure, always a lesson.

3. Who inspires you and why?

Anyone who is a go getter - and is doing great for themselves. Because its very hard to stop someone with a mission to be successful.

4. What is the hardest lesson life has taught you?

Even roses die.

5. What was your happiest moment

(the first thing that comes to mind)?

The day I collected my degree.


Self love? Oh wow. I honestly don’t know how to answer this but let me go ahead and write down anything my head thinks of.

Coming from a very discriminative, judgmental and oppressive childhood, I would say that self love is a journey. This is my journey : first of all I’m not a blogger, I’m not a writer - I’m honestly just a guy turning the scribbles in my head into words.

I am a model trying to make it big in this country of opinion. I run a website called WWK (www.wellemkapenda) whereby I write about the hardships and obstacles models go through on a daily basis. It’s more of a guide which helps aspiring models to have a kick start in the modeling career.

I decided to host this guide because no one talks about the bad, we only talk about what we see on Instagram, and that’s not right. We live in a world whereby we are judged on everything we do - and being a model or wanting to pursue a modeling career comes with a lot of those. My site is supposed to let people be comfortable to do whatever they want to do and go out there and be great.

I didn’t start this guide for views, I’m sharing my journey and at the same time I’m helping those that don’t know where to start.


The Fashion Industry

So much is happening in this industry and everyone ignores it like it’s nothing. There are so many individuals who are keen on being part of the fashion industry and have no idea where to start or who to help them. We lie to them that they should ‘ engage’, ‘grow their brand’ and ‘network’. It simply is not true …

We need to alert them of the risks and what kind of commitment it takes in order to be part of this war jungle. It’s so easy to smooth talk someone and show them how to do the Naomi Campbell, but never will we prepare them for the real competition out there.

The Gist of it All

Namibia is very small, so imagine how tiny the fashion industry is. Everyone is competing to be something, we all want 10K followers on Instagram, a water shoot with Tuva Wolf, having brows like Sharon Tjimbundu, to be a model for Deon Angelo, be like Himba girl or to attend Fashion Week dressed in Ingo Shanyenge. Sweetheart, sitting at home going through the social pages of those who inspire you does not put you any close to attaining your dreams.

"You need you to get up and put that inspiration you are feeling to good use, and go after your dreams...

What to expect from the entertainment industry

You need to be prepared for the favouritizm, the hatred, the anger, the shade, gossip and every single word in the book that comes with it. The modeling industry in Namibia is a war jungle it’s either you kill or you don’t make the cut.

"There is no such thing as luck in this life. It’s not about how bad you want it or how hard you work … " - Wellem

Guest Writer - Wellem

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