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DAY 1- 30 Day Blogging Challenge: My Blog’s Name

Inspired! Well, here goes nothing. I am launching into a 30 day blog challenge! I was inspired by Lynn and after seeing her get all the way through to day 30, I decided to jump on this ship and sail with it. Am I nervous? Well, yes! Simply because I did the 100 day happiness challenge and I lost track at about day 40! Good news is, at least I know I can stick to a challenge all the way past day 30! So, let’s get on with it.

My blog name? The name of my blog is Mavis Braga Elias. However, I still bear with me the identity of my very first blog, which is “becoming the real me with no judgment”.

Back story is that I started blogging in the year 2013. In truth, I didn’t fully grasp the concept of blogging, so it became my out-pour page. It is where I went to vent and write poetry pieces of yet another heart-break. It is actually hilarious because judging by my first blog, one would think I went through 4 years of straight heart-break. Which is furthest from the truth, it just so happens that I only found the inspiration to write when I was sad. Something, I am adamant to change.

I opted to call my blog “becoming the real me, with no judgement”, as I had kept my blog a secret for some time. It became my private space on the internet, that I could refer back to whenever I pleased. The beauty in that, was that I could be bluntly honest without fear of judgment. As I went through my relationships, I found solace in a page on the internet. It served it’s purpose, but it was time to move on and really discover my writing ability.

In truth, starting a whole new blog was scary for me. Why? I was afraid of putting my writing out there. Not because I believed myself to not be good enough, but just having an audience. Writing for self is easy. No stress, no remarks, just me, myself and I.

My new year’s resolution was to step out of my comfort zone. I had been doing the same thing for an entire four years and I needed to change things.

“Staying in one place does not allow for growth

So, there I was, starting a whole new blog, launching a writing column with Monochrome and genuinely putting myself out there.

And out of a caterpillar a butterfly was birthed, Mavis Braga Elias was born. A website where I get to be as creative as I would like and blog simultaneously. What I love about the new writing space is that I get to explore my creativity without it being limited to writing. I get to switch it up and change it as I please. I, in the process, learned how to put together a website, without the complicated coding language, a fun experience I might add!

As I am writing this, I keep thinking – stick to the title of the post, but what the heck, I have never been able to conform to the norm anyway!

To answer the question - What is my blog name? Mavis Elias Braga! Combination of who I really am – Mavis Elias and my alter ego – Mavis Braga! You get the whole package, the whole shabaaam! I continue to become the real me, with no judgement. It now serves as a slogan!

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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