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Day 12 – How you found out about blogging and why you made one

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 12

It feels like a lifetime ago, the date was 26 April 2012. This was the day my writing journey started. I titled the piece “taking the first step” and in many ways it was the first step.

The first step to finally believing I could write. I always had this desire to put my complicated intricate thoughts on paper. Yet, never having the courage to. Too afraid to be judged, too afraid to have someone call me out on being pretentious and too afraid to fail at something I so badly wanted. I started writing with such honesty, I wrote my heart out and left my thoughts on my sleeve (I know that is not how the saying goes, oh well). I loved it, I loved feeling my thoughts liberated, inking pen to paper, fingers to keyboard and painting images in words.

Since childhood I loved reading, I loved how someone could take words and create a story so vivid in your mind it was as good as watching a movie. I, soon after that, became so engulfed in reading, I didn’t like watching television. It felt spoon fed, it felt like the TV screen just couldn't grasp my mind the way a novel could and so I read. I wondered how authors did it, I wondered how they caught words and made them pictures. I wondered and itched to try it, yet I was afraid. Afraid of taking the first step and falling off a cliff of failure. I was afraid that if I tried it and failed, I would be crushed, because writing was the one thing I wanted to be good at.

Only, it took a tall boy to grab my hand in the club and run his thumb across my palm. He rubbed his thumb across my palm and it PISSED ME OFF!! I started shouting at him,

“Oh, you think I am some loose chick you get to pick in the club and sleep with? Do I look easy to you?”

The boy who was tall, dark and beautiful, looked at me with his eyes wide, baffled. He couldn’t find his speech for a minute and finally recovered from his shock. He asked me, “what are you talking about woman?” To which I replied, “don’t act like that is not the universal sign for – I want to sleep with you!” He called a friend of mine over and asked him, “what does it mean to rub your thumb across a woman’s palm when shaking her hand?” The friend responded,” it means you want to sleep with her.”

Which is how I met the man I to this day call Palms. A great friendship formulated out of that day, although brief for his stay in Namibia, it gave me one thing. Blogging.

He sent me into his mind as he shared the link to his blog, many moons ago.

Which is how I learned about the world of blogging. I loved diving into the minds of different artists, who played with writing and found their unique style. I kept blogging close to my heart and that is how I came about starting my blog in the year 2012.

I later discovered many blogs, but the one that most inspired my writing is – It’s a love thing.

I loved everything about this blog, because she played around with her style of writing and did not stick to one uniform writing style.

As the years progressed, my writing grew with the blog, it was not until this year that I decided that I wanted a blog that allowed me to express myself in more than one form and started this blog.

"I have come a long way and believe I have miles to cross, but I am no longer afraid, because I took the first step and the first step is usually the hardest."

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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