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Day 12 – A letter to someone who has inspired you

Dear Monica Geingos,

I walked into the Ya Toivo home and watched Nashikoto leaning into your shoulder as you comforted her in her time of grief. You sat with her, the day her father passed on and I couldn’t help but wonder, “a woman with such great responsibility, shifted everything from her calendar to be here when someone she cared about needed her.” I took a seat and started thinking about you Madame, as a person and as usual I was left in awe of your character. It was not only your firm grasp of humility, but your ability to above all that comes with your roles and responsibilities, stick true to who you are. It was not only dropping every last thing that was lined up for your day to rush over to the grieving family, but your ability to be thoroughly present, like any other concerned family friend would be.

It has been years since I first met you and I still cannot fully begin to comprehend you Madame. I remember just last week, I was talking to Nyeuvo about how Madame seems to always get creative and innovative in a way that will shock you. Reminiscing on the #BeFree event that was hosted in Club London to attract the youth of this country to speak on the relevant issues the youth faces. Yet again, the event left me thinking, “who actually sits and thinks of such brilliance?”

I write this letter as a means to put in words just how much you inspire me. From having read about Madame in articles, to actually having met Madame, to actually working with you. It has been a three-phase inspiration.

Phase 1

I did not know Madame and only read about you. I know Kaylan and Zandi, and I made a decision that I was going to ensure I meet you. This was from an article I read, in which Madame said that it is the responsibility of everyone who breaks the societal barriers and finds themselves at a board room table, to uplift the next woman. I remember trying to coerce Kaylan into facilitating an opportunity to meet you. To which she responded in her usual manner, there’s a long list waiting to have that happen. I had no idea that the quote that had me so fixated with meeting you would become my reality one day.

Phase 2

I finally found the perfect reason to reach out, to have Madame be a speaker at an event I was to host with my business partners. Having received a call from Nerene, I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it because we had guessed your email address. We sat and used the generic set up of personal emails at your work to decipher your email address.

Phase 3

Giving me an opportunity, with no prior experience. I cannot begin to thank you. It is people like you Madame, who present opportunities, believing in the person and opting to give them the benefit of the doubt. I still believe that God brought you into my life. To learn from, to teach me and give me the tools to be able to give back.

This letter has been to say thank.

Thank you for believing in me, even when I did not believe in myself. Thank you.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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