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Day 10 – The music you listen to when you are sad, excited, mad etc.


You raise me up – Westlife

“I am still and wait here in the silence, until you come”

I listen to this song thinking about God and His promises. There is a scripture that says, “Peace, be still”. I hold onto that in the midst of a storm, because \god always raises me up. Regardless the situ


Can’t Stop the feeling – Justin Timberlake

“I got this feeling, inside my bones. It goes electric wavy, when I turn it on”

It is my happy go lucky song! Interesting enough though, this song is the one I listen to when I am about to fall apart when the world gets too much. It lifts my spirit no matter what mood I am. Just dance, because I can’t stop the feeling!


Freakum Dress – Beyonce

“To be or not to be – Not

Hold up – bring the beat back

Stop – I ain’t ready yet

Wait – Let me fix my hur

I think I am ready!”

This is my jaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!! I mean, like get me happy, get me excited!! It does the thang! It makes me feel all types of amazing! This is the song I would play putting on my make-up before I go out! It does the thing! Yas!

Feels on Feels

I don’t ever wana see you again – Uncle Sam

This is my sing my lungs out, karaoke style song! I love it! I learnt it growing up and have since been able to put it on and do some singing!! With my not so nice voice, I will get in there and sang!


All my life – K-Ci & Jojo

“I will never another lover, sweeter than you”

One Wish – Ray J

“As a matter of fact, I was the one who said loved you first”

I have loved this song since 2006! I loved it then, I love it now.


Fatman Scoop – Be faithful

This is my jaaaaaaaaam! I get mad ratchet when this song plays. I am here for this! This right here is the truth! I have an old soul!

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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