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DAY 4 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge: 10 like & 10 dislikes

The things I like and dislike. Which do I start with, let’s start on a negative note and end on a positive note!

10 Dislikes

  1. Kindly refrain from asking me random questions end on end in the early hours of the morning. My brain doesn’t wake up until 10am. Keep it moving, I am not a morning person!

  2. Pulling the blanket off me while I sleep, as a means of waking me up or being funny. May the Lord be with both our souls in that very moment. Just don’t, OKAY?

  3. Rude people. Passive aggressive human beings. It is never that deep, so asseblief! Laat ons nie mekaar kwaad maak nie!

  4. Selfishness, like unless you were born an only child that doesn’t quite understand sharing. Beyond that, I cannot stand selfish people, selfish people emotionally and materially (lol).

  5. People who do not shut the door on their way out. We have since moved past the stone age, and do not live in caves. Kindly act like a civilized human being.

  6. Slow people, I know this is rude. However, a slow anything makes me really anxious.

  7. Liars, bruuuuuuhhhh. Tell the truth, just tell the truth. Especially when the lie is intended to make someone look stupid, because they already know the truth and you deny it. Lord!

  8. People that come for you unfetched. Key word is UNFETCHED!

  9. Disappointments. For as far back as I can remember, empty words have been a pet peeve for me.

  10. Hurt. I am a softy at heart and do not handle hurt well. In whichever form or fashion it may come.


  1. Love. I love love. I love the idea of love. I love poetry, romance and love jams. I honestly love, love.

  2. Women successes stories. I am a sucker for women who make it in life. I am in the background like, yassss girl. Go get it! Recently my boyfriend asked me, so what happens when you get a boy child, when you are all women this, women that? To be honest, I never thought about it. I am not even sure I know where I would start with raising a boy child. Oh well, I shall figure it out as I go.

  3. God. I feel like this ought to have been my first point. Nonetheless, since high school I have always said, a woman should be so hidden in God, that he needs to seek Him first to get to you.

  4. Relaxation. Yes, this is an actual thing. I recently discovered I have a real love for doing nothing. I mean like snacks and series all day type of doing nothing.

  5. I love children. I have a real heart for children and bringing up a generation of winners.

  6. Speech. I love working on my speech, challenging my writing capabilities, trying out new forms of speech such as spoken word and poetry, standing on a stage presenting or hosting a radio show. I love speech in all its forms. There’s one element I wish to unlock, the ability to think an unseeming thought and be able to articulate it like Monica Geingos and Maya Angelou.

  7. Care, people who can show care in its purest form.

  8. I love creating. Creating graphics, learning how to develop my blog website and just challenging my creative levels. Blogging has been the most fun I have had writing in a while. I get to step out my writing comfort and not only write when I am inspired, but actually teach myself to write without inspiration.

  9. Good company. Having mind stimulating conversations and learning from people.

  10. Philanthropy

My ten pet peeves and 10 obsessions.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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