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DAY 3 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Relationship? If Single, discuss being single

There is a sonnet by Shakespeare, Sonnet 116, that speaks of love and what Shakespeare defines to be love. Particularly, there’s a line which states – Love does not alter when alterations find. I have for years loved this Sonnet, and it took finding the person who embodies this for me to fully comprehend what the Sonnet spoke of.

And so I did, find the person who made the lyrics to love songs make sense, he made the rhyme in poetry make sense, but most of all he taught me what love looks like. It’s never until love looks you in the face that one can truly express and begin to describe what love is and even then, trying to formulate a descriptive sentence is near impossible. As the feeling blooms inside and honestly feels like a flower opening up to the sun in the early morning.

I found love when I least expected it. I had about given up on the impression of love and left romance to those that seemed to get it right, because for so long I honestly couldn’t get it right. Until I walked into his home, visiting with a mutual friend and I met him. He was everything I wanted, yet I was irked at this realization. Tall, brown skin and a smile that took the air out my lungs. I ignored the obvious attraction and chemistry in the air. I was adamant to be done with love and I wasn’t going to let this stranger ruin my "singleness" mission. We immediately didn’t get along, which ended with a dismissive me, asking my friend if we could leave. I wanted to leave as soon as possible, so that I could go sieve through my feelings and pull myself towards myself.

After leaving, I convinced myself I would never see him again. After all, we had mutual friends and at the time had never met each other. So how hard could it be to stay away from the frustrating stranger, who could so easily ruffle my feathers. Days after, I, for the life of me couldn’t stop thinking about him, a fact that upset me because again, adamant to stay single! Eventually the frustrating stranger got my number from my "sell-out" of a mutual friend.

From the very beginning, I made it clear to him I was not interested, which was met with chuckles and late-night phone calls. I couldn’t get myself to stop talking to frustrating stranger even if I wanted to. Which only made me more adamant to stay away from him. His easy-going manner and charm had me convinced he was a ladies man.

I was curious though, I wanted to understand my pull towards him and so the first date happened a mere 4 days later. Talk about giving in easy! I was drawn, attracted to him I might add. And from the very day I went on that date, I was smitten. I had fallen that very day, regardless of how I pushed and shoved and insisted we could only be friends. He too knew he had me right where he wanted me, and TWO WEEKS later, we started dating. Two weeks is hardly enough time, but my soul knew that he felt right. He fit right and he made me so happy. Goodness me, I have been smitten since!

Amazing does not begin to describe this still frustrating stranger. Two alphas in a relationship comes with its unique set of challenges. The challenges do not nearly compare to the happiness it brings. Having someone as driven and goal orientated as you, will have you walk on cloud 9!

That is the tale of how I came to be in a relationship with my pisces half, the man who is so different from me, yet so similar. He remains my significant other to this day, 9 months later and I can only look forward to counting down the months as we figure out this love thing!

Is it amazing? Yes! Do I love him? Well, hell yes! Does he make me happy? More than words could ever express.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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