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Day 8 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Views on Religion

I have come to understand one thing, and that is that I do not understand it at all. I am of the Christian faith, born and raised in the Catholic Church and now attend a Pentecostal church called Koi International.

I gave my life to God ten years ago, and to some this may be something that is amazing and which would mean I am all the way up there super spiritual. I am not, I am not nearly as spiritual as I would like to be. Why? After ten years one must have figured it out by then, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, because by now you know the Bible well enough to be able to immediately pin point a story in your head, by now you have grasped scripture and know many of the popular verses. Ten years down the line you have a firm understanding of the spirit and have deep roots in both the word and the church.

On the other hand, no. As even ten years down the road you still struggle, you get frustrated at having to grasp the same lessons taught years ago. You get frustrated at God, for various reasons, stemming from failure, heart-break and hardships. Even then, you still sit and ask yourself, why? To which, the still voice in your head will respond,

“all things work together for the good of those who love God”.

Even then, you still sit in turmoil and immediately a still voice in your head will respond,

“peace, be still.”

Yet, it never gets any easier, it just establishes strength in your faith. I always said that if ever one faces trails it simply means the devil is threatened. You must be born to greatness if the enemy won’t quit harassing you. I recently watched a movie called the war room, that blessed me! The movie opened my eyes up to a whole new spectrum of my faith. It gave me the hope that falters every now and then. It made me realize that above all else, if nothing at all, prayer is the key.

So, what is my view on religion having said all that? Do I believe that the Jews will go to hell, because they do not believe in Jesus? I do not know. Which will lead to the next question, but the first testament clearly says that the only way to heaven is through the son, Jesus Christ. Again, I do not know. The Buddists, Hindu or Atheist? I do not know. Simply stated, I do not know.

I am content in knowing that I am not to cast judgement on any person who chooses to live their life any way that may be contradicting to my faith. The fact of the matter is we all sin, whether we sin as Hindu’s or Buddists, we all sin differently. I am the last person to sit on a holier than thou throne, because I have my own battles I am fighting. All I am to do, is walk in love.

To love everyone the best way I know how. I have come to understand that we simply do not have the whole picture. There are scrolls in the Vatican City that are not accessible to the public, scrolls which are to form a part of the Bible. It is with that reasoning that I feel we do not have the whole picture, and if I do not even have the whole picture of the Bible, how then can I derive from it that another religion that is not mine is condemned to hell. I think not. I believe the Bible, I also believe that I do not know it all and the day I meet my creator, I will be able to understand it all. Until then, I live in love, regardless your belief or faith, because the Bible says,

“let he without sin, cast the first stone.”

Do me a favor, comment in the box below or simply send me an email I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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