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Day 9 – Something that made you proud

The day I graduated! I mean, after years of slaving and living through a pure nightmare, I finally did it! I honestly couldn’t believe I had made it. It always seemed like a far off dream, something short of a dream and in the midst of trying to obtain my degree, it sometimes looked bleak.

My entire university life, I did not get through any semester without writing a “second opportunity test”. Every single semester, they followed me! I honestly could never understand why I did not study as hard all through the semester, as I would when I had to write second opp. I would swear that this would be the last time, that I would work hard all throughout the semester to ensure I did not end up with a second opp. As you will have it, next semester will come around and repeat! Without fail, I aced every second opp which if you think about it simply meant that I wasn’t as dedicated all semester.

Anyway, after the SLAVERY that is school, I finally made it out. I was on the other side of the mark, with a degree in hand and I felt invincible.

LOL, until I realized that the engineering industry went to the dogs during the economic recession and no one was hiring, bummer. After which, the company I work for as a student, continues to keep me as a student – degree in hand!

It still remains my proudest moment. Despite the challenges that leaving university confronts me with, attaining my degree remains on the top 5 list of my proudest moment, because it was the hardest thing I have ever had to work for. Five years! Five whole years, of tests, assignments, more test and more assignments and I can finally show a single A4 paper that says,

“Yes, you can now go on to teach her what engineering is really about, because we made her derive equations that have already been proven thousands of years ago by the likes of Newton and Bernoulli. You can go about having her use computer software to design after we made her do it by hand for five years. Then you can teach her how to plug values into a computer and have it do all the work we made her do for years, in a few seconds. Cheers!”

Yet, it remains my proudest moment, because despite the fact that school is like walking through a bed of nails, it sets you up for the future. It ensures that from this point forward, you are eligible to apply for a job that will pay you, because you have an A4 paper with your name in it, printed Civil Engineering degree.

Do me a favor, comment in the box below or simply send me an email I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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