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DAY 6 - 30 Day Blogging Challenge: Favorite form of entertainment

Wine, wine and more wine. I am a wine fanatic and when I am not drinking wine, I am probably thinking about when Friday will roll around the corner for me to get back to lying in bed, wine in hand and a novel in the other hand.

Relaxing with a glass of wine in hand.

Entertainment for me has to be mind-engaging, I love learning. I am attracted to knowledge, even better is an opportunity to sit and talk to someone who teaches me things. I have to admit, I am rather lazy in my learning journey, because I would rather converse with someone who teaches me and I can plug into their well of wisdom. The beauty in this is that the learning does not have to be redundant and boring, it can be captivating and told in a story format. I have come to learn that the wisdom people possess is beautiful, and if you would just spare a second to listen and learn, you will walk away the wiser.


I love board games. Nothing will make you question your intellect like playing Articulate! As I mentioned prior, anything mind enhancing is entertaining for me. Games of 30 seconds, send me in a tummy clenching fit of laughter, because human beings are creative.

Board Games.

My ideal chill session will have good food, board games and great company!

Although, what entertains me is YouTube. Watching videos of hilarious moment, the daily show or simply listening to poetry and gospel music.

I am a sucker for romance, so a romantic movie with some animation does the trick.

What can send me into stitches? Well, this may me a whole lot mean but watching babies fall. Alright, I am gonna move straight along and we will simply act like I didn’t just say that. The thing is though, watching a whole human being fall over their feet makes me crack up. It’s just funny okay!

Listening to stories of “how we met and fell in-love”. Like I said, I am a sucker for romance.

My idea of entertainment is basically, love, laugh and live. Simply put.

With a tad bit of crazy

Love Mavis

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